If you’re renovating a boat or a yacht, you’ll probably need to take another look at your yacht’s electrical systems. Whether your yacht operates solely on 12v DC power, or includes a generator or a transformer that allows it to be connected to AC power when docked, you’ll likely need to install a new marine electrical system.

One of the biggest mistakes we see yacht owners make is using different companies to install their marine electric systems – or even attempting DIY installation. In this article, Fine Line Marine Electric will look at the benefits of using a single company to install your new marine electrical systems.


  1. Better Quality Of Service

If you hire multiple companies to service and install your marine electric systems, you get no guarantee of consistent service. The expertise of each electrician or technician may vary widely – as will the quality of the electrical products and systems they install on your yacht.

This can lead to serious issues with your electrical systems. For example, after an electrician has rewired your yacht, another contractor may replace your fuse box – and choose fuses that aren’t rated properly for your amperage requirements. This could lead to a fire or other serious issue on the water.


  1. You Don’t Have To Risk DIY Installation 

Is it possible to replace your yacht’s marine electric systems yourself? For a small boat, certainly – but you’re going to have to spend quite a bit of time familiarizing yourself with your yacht’s electrical systems before you begin.

Not only that, sub-par installation could lead to damage to your yacht – and if you did a DIY installation incorrectly, that damage may not be covered by insurance.

When you choose a single-company electrical services provider, you’ll know that they’re doing things “by the book”, and you’ll be covered by insurance in the rare event that anything goes catastrophically wrong.


  1. Your Marine Electrical Systems Will Be More Reliable

You don’t want the power going out on you when you’re in the middle of the open ocean, especially if you’re navigating by GPS. When you’re out on the water, you need your power systems to be functional and reliable – if they fail, you could be in a life-threatening situation.


  1. Servicing And Repairs Are Quick And Easy

Serving an electrical system that’s been installed by multiple technicians is quite difficult. They may not have been consistent in documenting their wiring and other technical aspects of the installation.

However, if you choose a single-company marine electrical system, the installation of your new electrical systems will be documented comprehensively. Next time you run into an electrical issue, you’ll be able to have it repaired quickly and easily.


  1. You’ll Conform To All Required Safety Standards

Your yacht was probably built to ABYC standards – the gold standard for watercraft safety. About 90% of yachts are made to conform to these safety standards, which have been adopted by organizations like The Coast Guard.

Conforming to ABYC is critical for liability purposes in case something goes wrong on your yacht. Therefore, you should choose a marine electrical company that does ABYC-certified work – and avoid hiring multiple different contractors, or attempting a DIY rewiring of your watercraft.


Trust Fine Line Marine Electric Has The Power To Deliver!

Fine Line Marine Electric can handle every aspect of rewiring, renovating, and repairing your boat or yacht. You don’t have to turn to multiple contractors or worry about the quality of our work.

We conform to ABYC standard on your projects, and take great care to ensure that all of our projects result in a reliable, safe, and efficient boat or yacht. Trust us to take great care of you – get in touch now!