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Power Management

For yachts with multiple generators and shore power inlets, determining which power source is allowed access to the main bus is critical.


Fine Line Marine Electric’s Switchgear Division has created the most scalable fully automated switchgear system in the marine electrical industry.


From one to four shore power inlets, and from one to five generators, we have the safest, simplest, and most advanced yacht switchgear system available.

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Conveniently located at Lauderdale Marine Center, we are committed to develop ongoing relationships, all while delivering highest quality services.

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We specialize in marine electric and safety is our main focus. All of our technicians are ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) certified; and have a thorough understanding of regulations in CFR46 (subparts H, J, K, and I), ABS, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, BV, DNV, Maritime and Coast Guard administration standards


Each panel is custom designed based on your vessel’s specific electrical equipment, load sharing requirements, and port destinations. All the equipment necessary for building the panel is in our inventory, including circuit breakers, switchgear, instrumentation, and indicator lights. Our ABYC certified engineers can either install the panel on the vessel or ship it pre-wired. In fact, our computerized engraving machines make anything possible. That’s why we are known around the world for our ability to make the instrument panel of any yacht as individual as its owner’s signature.


From inspiration to execution, engineers are the cornerstone of a well-integrated power distribution system on a modern yacht. The security of knowing you have safe, reliable power at your fingertips is the passion of our engineers. We integrate wireless services, automation control via tablet apps, and on board replacement of power management systems, all while keeping existing switchgear containment cabinets. These are just some examples of how keeping ahead of trends and providing solutions for common refit complications allows us to provide the best service possible to our refit customers!


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