PLC Programming

Programmable Logic Controllers for Yachts

Whether you’re a first-time yacht owner or you’re just looking to brush up on the logistics of your yacht, it’s important to understand the term PLC and why it’s essential for your yachting experience!


Accuracy & Reliability

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) are accurate to a fault. Unlike standard PC equipment, the likelihood of PLCs failing is significantly less.


PLCs can perform a variety of tasks more complex than those of PC systems. It features thousands of steps and can recycle itself within milliseconds.

Low Maintenance Cost

New PLC controllers don’t have hard drives that require constant maintenance, so you spend less time and money replacing or updating them.

Easy Monitoring

Monitoring your vessel’s operation is imperative for all on-board. One misjudgment or malfunction can lead to an unexpected disaster.

What Are You Waiting For ?

If you’re looking to make the swap to programmable logic controllers (PLC), we can help! Fine Line specializes in PLC installation, updates, and repair. We only use top-notch equipment and ABYC and Lloyd’s Register-approved hardware for the safety of your vessel!

Why Upgrade ?

Several industries use programmable logic controllers (PLC) to overhaul the electric operations of an object. For example, in the manufacturing industry, PLCs control the automated machines used for the assembly line. Over time, Marine electric engineers integrated PLC programming into commercial ships and yachts to provide things such as HVAC systems, power management, and CCTV and alarm monitoring. This approach has improved the Marine industry, allowing yachters and their guests to enjoy the perks that were once only available on dry land.

Be In Full Control

PLC engineering system allows for an advanced network communication that will give you pertinent information such as electrical malfunctions, temperatures and pressures, and data interface. In addition, PLC systems operate with a multitude of 24-volt power sources, protecting your vessel from generator malfunction.


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