When it comes to the most overlooked system on a yacht, your yacht control panel is certain to top the list. This little workhorse is responsible for controlling dozens – if not hundreds – of common day-to-day tasks on your yacht.

From monitoring system health and fuel consumption, to temperature measurement, power consumption control and so much more, your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is absolutely essential for the proper continued operation of your yacht.

In this article, Fine Line Marine Electric will take a look at a few of the reasons that your yacht’s control panel is so important, so that you can better understand control panel design!


  1. Your Control Panel (PLC) Is Responsible For Monitoring The Health Of Your Yacht!

Not sure what a PLC is? As mentioned, PLC stands for “Programmable Logic Controller”. You can think of a PLC as a highly-specialized computer that’s designed to run constantly – with no errors, failures, or other issues.

PLCs were first used by the manufacturing industry – often used during the automated assembly of complex machinery and vehicles. Because of this, reliability is paramount for PLCs – and this is equally true of yacht control panels.

Yacht control panels are the “brain” of your yacht, allowing you to monitor all crucial systems whether you’re docked, sailing up the coast, or are hundreds of miles from shore! Without your yacht’s control panel, you would be in the dark about your fuel consumption, engine performance, and much more.


  1. Yacht Control Panels And PLCS Run 24/7, 365 – Keeping You Safe!

If your yacht is on, your PLC is monitoring the condition of your yacht. Without the proper control panel and PLC programming, you could be completely in the dark about things like serious electrical issues, engine malfunctions, and other problems – until it’s too late.

Choosing the right control panel is important for keeping you – and your yacht – safe while you’re on the high seas. A reliable control panel allows you to spot potential mechanical and electrical issues before they become emergencies or crises. This gives you valuable peace of mind and keeps you safe, whether you’re just a few miles off of the coast, or taking a larger yacht on a long trip in the open ocean.


  1. Yacht Control Panels Put You In Charge Of All Yacht Systems

Your yacht control panel is the primary way that you will interact with your critical yacht systems. This is why a reliable, easy-to-use PLC and control panel is essential in yacht design. The systems that a PLC controls typically include:

  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Generator
  • Alarm systems
  • Ship monitoring systems
  • Power management and distribution

Your PLC controls all of these functions – and much more – usually without requiring any input on your part. While you can adjust each individual aspect of your yacht’s performance, your PLC can continue to function without any input from your yacht control panel.

In fact, most PLC systems use multiple redundant controllers – allowing your yacht to continue operating effectively even if one or more critical PLC controllers are knocked out due to an accident, bad weather, or an electrical issue.


The Yacht Control Panel – The Nerve Center Of Your Yacht!

As you can see, yacht control panel design and PLC programming are essential for the smooth operation of your yacht. So if you need a new PLC, or require a control panel overhaul, come to Fine Line Marine Electric today!

We specialize in control panel design and creating new programmable logic controllers – and we can overhaul your existing PLC for maximum performance, reliability, and redundancy. Our expert technicians have been in business for more than 15 years, so you can trust us to deliver the best results. Don’t risk using a sub-par yacht control panel – contact us for a quote today!