Marine automation systems are becoming more popular than ever. Today’s Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and boat computers are affordable and reliable, and can be used to automate just about every feature of your boat!

Curious to learn more about how you can automate your boat, and relax while it manages itself? Here are just a few of the systems that are commonly automated on modern marine vessels!


  1. Lighting And Electrical Systems

Lighting systems are very easy to automate using modern PLCs and shipboard computers. Most PLCs will allow you to create custom configuration settings to control how (and when) the lights function.

For example, you can set your PLC to turn on all of the shipboard lights in the cabin when you start the engine. You can also set up time-based triggers – you could automate external shipboard lights and searchlights, and have them turn on when the sun sets.

This power is not just limited to electrical systems, either. You can also set up other electrical systems to turn on automatically. If you have a TV in the living area, for example, you could set it to turn on whenever the boat’s main motor is engaged.


  1. Navigational Systems

With a PLC, an overhauled electrical system, and just a few modifications, you can easily automate your navigational systems, essentially giving your boat an “autopilot” function. You can set a specific destination, and sit back as your boat takes you there.

This makes longer journeys much more comfortable. You can sit back and relax (or even take a nap) as your vessel takes you to your destination – and automatically stops once you reach it.


  1. HVAC And Temperature Control

HVAC systems are a great example of the power of automation. In a modern boat, you can easily set your HVAC systems to turn on automatically at a set time, or to turn on when the boat leaves the dock.

Not only that, you have the option of installing thermometers and temperature controllers in each area of your boat – providing you with several different climates.

For example, the main cabin may not need to be cooled, because the doors and windows are always open. However, you may prefer a cooler sleeping environment. You could set the HVAC system to automatically turn on in your cabin bedroom, but remain turned off in the main cabin area.


  1. Security Systems

A modern yacht automation system allows you to maintain control of yacht security. Security programs can be set to turn on automatically once the boat is docked, or the key is removed from the ignition. Similarly, you can set door locks and other systems to lock when the boat is left at the dock.

This ensures the safety and security of your property, and gives you peace of mind – no more wondering whether or not you remembered to switch the security system on or not!


Automate Your Boat – And Enjoy A Better Boating Experience!

Investing in customized marine automation systems may not be cheap, but they are well worth the money. You can automate just about everything from basic lighting and power-related tasks to navigation, security, and more.

Interested in refitting your boat or yacht with an advanced PLC automation system? Contact Fine Line Marine Electric right now! We have experience installing and customizing automation systems of all types.

We work on small pleasure craft, megayachts, and everything in between! So trust us to take great care of your boat – and get started with marine automation systems today.