Marine automation systems are becoming very popular among boat owners. While boat automation used to only be used on large, expensive megayachts, computers and boat PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are sinking in cost, and becoming much more affordable for boat owners.

So, should you invest in a boat automation system? It’s a good question! While they are expensive, there are quite a few reasons that marine automation systems continue to grow in popularity.


  1. Enhanced Safety And Peace Of Mind

Marine automation systems don’t just offer convenience – they offer peace of mind. Your boat can respond more quickly and intelligently to emergencies and other problems.

For example, if your marine automation detects an irregularity in your motor that could cause a serious mechanical fault or damage, it can shut it off automatically – and send you a notification about the error.

This is also true of electrical faults and most other emergency situations. An automated system can react more quickly than a human, preventing serious damage to expensive boat components.

Another example would be if your propeller contacts an obstruction or a marine animal – your automation system can shut off the motor as soon as this issue is detected, preventing further damage to your vessel.


  1. Simpler Navigation

Most marine automation systems allow for the addition of an autopilot that either places your boat on the correct course, or allows you to set a destination manually. From there, the autopilot will take over, and steer the craft for you.

This is very nice to have during longer trips, especially if inclement weather is making it hard to navigate. Instead of constantly helming your vessel, you can tell it where you want to go, and relax.

In some cases, you can even have notifications sent to your phone, or a device elsewhere on board, so you don’t have to stay in the main cabin during the whole trip.


  1. A More Comfortable And Convenient Boating Experience

There are a number of different ways that marine automation can make your boating experience more comfortable and convenient.

  • Lighting systems can be set to turn on and off automatically
  • Bilge pumping can be automated
  • Appliances such as refrigerators can turn on automatically and be controlled remotely
  • HVAC systems can be automated
  • Security and safety systems like anti-theft systems and door locks can be automated
  • Doors and windows can be automated with the addition of marine actuators

You can automate just about every system on your boat, if desired – leading to a luxurious boating experience that used to be reserved for yacht owners.


  1. Higher Resale Value

Automated systems can help increase the resale value of your boat. When you purchase a marine automation system, you’re making a long-term investment in the value of your watercraft.

Should you decide to sell it at any point in the future, your automation system will be a big value-add, and make your boat much more appealing to potential buyers.


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