Today’s yachts are smarter than ever. Using advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems, it’s easy to automate the day-to-day tasks of your yacht, and take a more hands-off approach to enjoying your time on the open ocean.

Not sure if you can benefit from yacht automation? Do you have questions about how yacht automation works? In this article, Fine Line Marine Electric will take a look at the basics about yacht automation, the systems which can be automated, and the benefits of yacht automation.


What Is Yacht Automation?

Yacht automation is usually done with a Programmable Logic Controller. PLCs are specialized computer systems that are slower than normal computers, but highly redundant and reliable. Today’s PLCs can be programmed to monitor a wide variety of aspects of your yacht performance, and can even be used to intelligently automate certain tasks.

What Systems Can Be Automated On My Yacht? 

Not sure how yacht automation can benefit you? Here are a few of the systems that can be automated on your yacht.

  • Power and lighting systems – PLCs can monitor the power systems of your yacht, and automatically turn lights on when you start the engine, or leave your dock. This allows you to spend less time managing your yacht’s power and light systems, and more time enjoying the experience of piloting your yacht.
  • HVAC and humidity – PLCs and automation systems can monitor the temperature of each room in your yacht, and adjust the temperature and humidity without user interference. If you like to keep your main cabin somewhat warm, but prefer having your bedroom cool and dark, you can program your PLC to adjust the HVAC system accordingly.
  • Security and door locks – You can often program locks to be triggered remotely, or automatically once your craft is docked. Security systems can also be automated, so that you don’t have to remember to switch your security programs on when you leave your boat.
  • Navigation – You can automate navigation with most modern yacht systems. Simply enter your destination, and your yacht will control your speed, direction, and more, delivering you to your destination automatically.
  • Emergency notifications – You can set your PLC to notify you about low fuel, electrical issues, unlocked doors, and a variety of other potentially important factors.
  • Fire safety protocols – You can automate the closing of fire doors, sprinkler systems, and a wide variety of other fire safety protocols with PLCs.


What Are The Benefits Of Yacht Automation?

  • Hands-off operation – Yacht automation lets you reduce the number of crew required for your yacht, while still allowing you to maintain the same level of hands-off operation. Smaller yachts may not require any crew members at all!
  • Peace of mind – Yacht automation lets you take care of tasks like security, fire safety, and system integrity checks automatically. You don’t have to remember to perform these routine tasks, giving you peace of mind when you’re on (and off) your yacht.
  • Enhanced safety – Every aspect of your yacht’s performance can be monitored automatically, and you will be alerted to any potential issues. This helps you stay safe, whether you’re cruising across the ocean, or just off the coast.


Automate Your Yacht – Come To Fine Line Marine Electric!

At Fine Line Marine Electric, we use the best PLC hardware, approved by Lloyd’s register and ABYC. We can automate numerous elements of your yacht, such as power systems, navigation systems, and much more.

We will design and install a bespoke PLC monitoring system. Whether you’re retrofitting an existing installation, or completely replacing your PLC with a modern unit, we can design and build a system that’s perfect for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services, pricing, and availability for your next project.